Family celebrations

Generosity and hospitality in the blood of the Russian people, and if we walk in a big way!
Family and anniversary celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries – a cherished dates that so want to make a really bright and memorable! But think about it unless duty gatherings at home, go to a cafe or a bath, can cope with this task? The answer is obvious.

Do not let your holiday, stay in your memory and your friends, marked “standard”. The best choice is always there!

“Razguliay” – the perfect place for hosting such events. The atmosphere of a country holiday, a great idea unconventionally celebrate any celebration.

We can help you organize a great holiday, partially or completely, taking the trouble to themselves. It depends on your wishes. We believe that such a day you just have to celebrate and have fun on a par with the guests, not thinking about anything.
Our chefs will prepare you a table, which for a long time and will be remembered with delight all your loved ones.
Each guest is valuable to us, and we have to each individual approach. We are ready to respond to any of your wishes and ideas, do not think, just give us a call. And we’re together, arrange your holiday!